Update 20/12/21 with a swift reveal!

I do tend to be rather impulsive and jump in to the new season’s scarves very quickly. So, please bear that in mind as you look at this reveal of my latest scarf! 😅😂🤣😂😅

First, we have the superb packaging…

Then we have the special Christmas box cover, front and back (they are the same size – just my poor photography!)…

Now, the iconic Hermès orange box…

Here is the first reveal of the folded scarf…

And opened out a little…

The full scarf: Le Premier Chant by Sophia Andreotti and Edouard Baribeaud, 90cm, violet/bleu glacier/jaune, H003799S 06.

Le Premier Chant by Hermès

A slideshow to show you a range of closeups of the scarf…

Of course, it was the central purple “swoosh” that absolutely sold this scarf to me. I adore purples and have a few scarves in shades such as lilac, lavender, violet and mauve, but nothing in this lovely rich colour.

After the holidays, when things have calmed down and there is more information about this scarf design, I will write a full Scarf of the Moment post. But for now, I am eagerly awaiting an item of clothing which will enhance this scarf perfectly!

Love and best wishes,



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