Update 24/01/22 with light sources!

Welcome to a new week on my blog. I do hope that you had a great weekend.

Ours was rather up and down. The stress of these current times is really getting to Elder Son. In addition to his usual “quirks”, he seems to be developing OCD and it is getting worse as the weeks go by. He gets extremely anxious about certain rituals, despite all the support that I try to give him, then builds up into a huge meltdown. On Saturday, I simply reached my own maximum level of coping and had a really dreadful panic attack, followed by a horrible migraine with aura on Sunday.

Tough times!

Anyway, we keep trundling along. I did manage to do a few, very mundane, household tasks. One of them was buying new lightbulbs! After sorting through our box of new ones, I realised that we didn’t have enough. Then I checked online and found out that everything has changed. How did I miss this information? Perhaps this is one of those moments I keep having where my memory problems are erasing stuff from my brain? To cut a very boring story short, I ended up making a grid on the iPad of our needs for the house and garage and stocking up with the new LED bulbs. These are very expensive, but should last a long time and will, hopefully, cut down the electricity bills a little.

I admit that it must have looked very funny when I had to install some of the new bulbs in our dining room. There I was, wobbling on the step ladder with ES holding me around my rather rotund middle, whilst I reached up to each light fitment. Lovely Husband was attempting to discuss each bulb as he passed it to me and also trying to make sure that ES was bracing me properly. Despite all of the arguing, wobbling and balancing we did manage to finish the job!

Here’s a lovely photo to finish off today’s post. I have tried to find out more details about the photograph, but have not yet come across anything. If anyone contacts me with them, I will, of course, edit the page. It really is amazing, isn’t it?

OK then, that’s all for today. As usual, I am planning to post my Reading Roundup on Wednesday and Outfits of the Week on Friday, all being well.

Love and best wishes,



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