Outfits of the week 28/01/22 – Liberty’s Ianthe Star

This week, I decided to choose one scarf and wear it with the same, but different coloured, clothing and also tie it in the same way. I just wanted to see the difference that two alternative shades of cashmere would make, if any. I have often done this the other way round: chosen an outfit and then worn it with two different scarves. Dressing with scarves opens up a range of possibilities for your wardrobe, in my opinion!

Anyway, here are the photos…

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to take consistent photos in terms of lighting. The one on the right was taken on a sunny day, so that changes things a little. Despite that, you can see the difference that a bright cobalt jumper (John Lewis) makes as a background to the scarf, compared with a dark navy jumper (WoolOvers). The knot that I used was the cowboy cowl, which I tucked into the neckline.

Here’s the scarf in a larger image…

Ianthe Star – Liberty of London

It really is a lovely and versatile scarf with several shades of blue, pink, lilac and yellow. Ianthe is my favourite pattern of all with its Art Nouveau vibe.

I will have to decide on the colours for next week. Should I stay with the same, or change?

Wishing you all a great weekend.

Love and best wishes,



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