Update 21/02/22

Hello, on a stormy Monday! Windy weather always makes my cough worse. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because more dust is in the air, even in a house with double glazing? I’m not really sure. Anyway, the upshot is that I am really struggling to breathe, never mind get dressed or go downstairs. So I will probably remain in bed and try to entertain myself with the internet, ebooks and Netflix. At least I have my iPad!

My scarf addiction is still very active and I have two currently on order: one from France and the other from the US! All will be revealed when they arrive. I wonder if I should join Scarf Addicts Anonymous, if there were such a group, but then do I actually want to be cured? They give me such pleasure and I love the thought of, eventually, passing them down to relatives. I have a lovely scene in my head of my family looking through piles of orange boxes and exclaiming in delight as they discover my treasure trove of silk. This isn’t at all morbid as it makes me feel warm and happy that I might bring some joy to people, and some surprises, when I am no longer here!

On Twitter, I follow a lovely account that posts images of women’s art. Sometimes I save the ones that speak to me and this is one of them:

If you are on Twitter, that account is really worth a follow for gorgeous and often thought provoking art.

Love and best wishes,



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