Outfits of the week 18/02/22 – Valentine’s special!

I thought that I would show you the lovely outfit that I put together to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Well, OK, I wore it the day after, but I would have worn it on the 14th if I had been well enough!

Outfit of the day 15/02/22 with Hermès’ Hermès Tea Time scarf

I wore the pretty orange and white Hermès Tea Time 70cm scarf with my navy v-neck cashmere/merino jumper from WoolOvers. More hearts may be seen on the pretty earrings from Etsy (a birthday gift from Younger Son) and on the orange enamel and gold friendship bracelet from Halcyon Days. Please excuse my awful hair. I desperately need to visit my hairdresser, but am having problems leaving the house.

Here is a larger picture of this cute scarf. Those of you with very sharp eyes may have noticed that I wore it reversed for the photo! The printing is so good that I didn’t realise in time 🤣😂🤣😂.

Hermès Tea Time by Jonathan Burton

As I write this post, the wind is howling outside in this powerful Storm Eunice. I keep reading updates on the BBC website and am so thankful that we persuaded Elder Son to come home from his holiday a day early. As he was in Bristol, we were concerned that he was too close to the red danger zone and that travel home would be disrupted. As it has turned out, we chose the correct option! I do hope that everyone is safe.

Love and best wishes,



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