Update 28/02/22 with a lovely reveal!

I do hope that you had a good weekend. Ours was fine and I was happy to have two deliveries to open. I will show you the first one this week and will hold the other over to next Monday. How awful of me!

Well, when I say “reveal” this first parcel had really minimal packaging, so I can’t do this in the “traditional” way. This is the image that I first saw on The Vivienne Files website:

Image from The Vivienne Files, post dated 14/02/22

I just loved this whole cluster of clothing and accessories! The colours of teal and navy fit beautifully into my wardrobe and I really like peacock feathers. So, I went to the Nordstrom website and ordered the scarf straight away. Now, that was rather impetuous, particularly because the site is in the US and I would have to pay a premium for delivery etc. But, scarf addiction is so difficult to shake off, isn’t it? It took a while for the scarf to arrive, but arrive it did. First of all, here is a better image of the whole thing:

Peacock silk scarf by Bien Abyé

The colours in the above image are very close to real life. I had a quick look through my wardrobe and, as I expected, I had several items that I knew would look great with the scarf. There were also lots of things in my jewellery boxes too! On Friday, I will upload some outfit collages to show you how I will wear the scarf.

Today, I am posting a slideshow so that you can see the colours and details:

Now, the silk isn’t as heavy and luxurious as Hermès’ silk twill, but this scarf has navy hand-rolled hems and it is nicely printed. As you can see, the colours are teal, navy, green, gold and red. The central pattern is cleverly shaded so that the colours glow. The size is 21in x 21in.

OK, I hope you have found this interesting! Modelling photos on Friday.

Until then…

Love and best wishes,



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  1. DevendraN says:

    These are wonderful things.

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