Update 14/03/22: I actually ventured forth!

Welcome to a new week on this blog!

I am sitting in bed, looking out at a lovely cloudless blue sky and wishing that I felt strong enough to go outside. Unfortunately, however, I had two horrible coughing attacks in the night and I am feeling very weak and poorly today. I hope that I will be able to venture forth later in the week as I have booked a haircut for Friday afternoon. It’s about time as I haven’t been to the hairdresser’s since before Christmas! My hair is too long and very unkempt at the moment, as you can imagine.

I am pleased to write that I was able to leave the house for a dentist’s appointment last Friday. A couple of weeks ago I was eating a bar of something rather nice and managed to break a tiny piece off one of my front teeth. I thought that it was a nut at the time and swallowed it! Anyway, I had a full check up, which was really necessary as I haven’t been to a dentist since before the pandemic, and my tooth was neatly filed down, which only took a couple of seconds.

In all of the rush, I forgot to take a photo of my outfit. I wore my gorgeous jade green and gold Hermès Daimyo scarf with my John Lewis cobalt cashmere v neck jumper. Here is a very similar outfit from last year:

Outfit of the day 26/02/21 with Hermès’ Daimyo

The bangle is by Halcyon Days, the ginkgo necklace by Swarovski and the scarf ring by MaiTai. The whole outfit feels bright and cheerful. I have mentioned this before when I have worn this scarf, but I will say it again: it is very special because the silk is a jacquard weave. Images of ginkgo leaves are actually woven into the silk. These scarves are fairly rare and the jacquard is one of the reasons that I bought the scarf in the first place.

This is a larger image:

Daimyo Princes du Soleil Levant by Françoise Façonnet for Hermès

A solitary small, white, fluffy cloud has appeared in the sky as I bring this post to an end. I do hope that your day is bright and cheerful wherever you are.

Love and best wishes,



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