Outfits of the week 11/03/22

So, it’s Friday again! I know that I promised to show you some modelling photos of my latest Hermès scarf, Hermès Story, but I have not been well enough to organise those. Instead, here are some photos of scarves that I have worn recently:

Outfit of the day 06/03/22 with Peacock scarf by Bien Abyé

I like this particular scarf tie as it works well with this smaller scarf. You simply make a bias fold, then wrap around the neck securing with a scarf ring. This one is by MaiTai and has navy enamel on the reverse, so it’s very versatile.

Here is a reminder of the whole scarf:

Peacock silk scarf by Bien Abyé

My second image of the week was taken in circumstances rather different to usual. When I model scarves or jewellery, I stand in front of the wardrobe so that I have a plain background and light from the window. For this photo, I was feeling too unwell to stand, so I took the photo whilst sitting in bed. Apologies! Anyway, here it is with one of my favourite non-Hermès scarves: She Was a Feminist at Heart by Karine Assaf.

Outfit of the day 08/03/22 with A Feminist at Heart by Karine Assaf

This lovely scarf in orange, white and blue was again tied using the same scarf ring, but using the navy blue side this time. BTW, the other corner says “She Was a Bookworm”, so this scarf could have been made for me!

Here it is so that you can see the details:

Feminist at Heart by Karine Assaf
A Feminist at Heart by Karine Assaf

Well, that’s all for this week. I do hope that you all have a great weekend…

Love and best wishes,



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