Update 25/04/22 with a feathery reveal

Hello to you all and welcome to the blog. I really needed last week’s rest and I hope that I can continue to post without having to take another break for quite a while.

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted something really lovely on eBay – first we have the auction photos:

Yes, one of my favourite Liberty of London designs: Hera. This time the scarf is a gorgeous silk chiffon, known as mousseline in French. The beautiful peacock feather design in the centre is coloured in orange, purple and pale blue on a black background. The design shades outwards into a lovely teal border. One of my favourite colours!

The size of the scarf is 110 x 130cm.

At the time of writing, a similar version of this scarf is still available on the Liberty of London website. The images can be seen below:

In my opinion the colours are more attractive in the eBay version. The colourway on the Liberty website makes the scarf look rather muted and washed out. In fact, I have seen this many times before, but the rather dull shades didn’t attract me. In my opinion, the scarf I have acquired is a richly coloured and very beautiful addition to my collection.

These are two quick modelling photos:

I am really looking forward to wearing the scarf. The fabric makes it more suitable for warmer weather, but the clothing that it would enhance is mainly stuff that I wear in the colder months! The teal twinset above is an almost exact match (unfortunately my iPad camera makes the teal look more blue than in real life).

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post. Wednesday’s will be a Reading Roundup, as usual.

Love and best wishes,



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2 Responses to Update 25/04/22 with a feathery reveal

  1. Honey says:

    Great posts and photos, thank you for sharing. Your scarves are stunning and you look fabulous. I am new to your blog but look forward to reading more!


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