Update 16/05/22 with some hints of Hermès’ Autumn/Winter 2022 scarf season!

Hi everyone! It’s lovely to be back here again. I am so sorry that there was such a long break from the blog, but I was very ill and unable to write, or even read much, for that matter. The “bug” was not COVID, but was pretty nasty on top of all the other unpleasant conditions that I already have. Anyway, I am now back to my “normal” and hope to be able to resume writing here as before.

During the time away, the new scarves for Hermès’ Autumn/Winter 2022 season have begun to appear on various sites. Luckily for fans, the brilliant scarf detectives on The Purse Forum have started a new thread for the season: …… Hermès Fall/Winter 2022 Scarves …….. This will be worth following, if you are interested.

Some images of the new designs have already been posted on the thread:

To be honest, I haven’t seen anything so far that really grabs me. But, I seem to say that every season, don’t I? Then, as the weeks and months go by, something comes to the fore and I find myself falling for a pattern, or a combination of colours. We shall see…

Planning to be back on Wednesday for the Reading Roundup. 

Love and best wishes,



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