Update 20/06/22

Hello and welcome to a new week on the blog. Monday is the day when I write about random things! To be honest, I am struggling to find something to write about today. The sun is shining and I love the long days at this time of the year. Today is fairly peaceful, at the moment, because only Lovely Husband and I are in the house. Elder Son has gone out for the day, so I can relax quietly and enjoy time to read my current book.

I would go outside and sit in the garden, but I find it difficult to read on my iPad in the sunshine. Since my stroke in 2019, I can’t read print books very easily as I need to increase the font size. So, I prefer to sit in bed where I have everything that I need within reach. There are other more, er, “personal” reasons why it is better for me to stay indoors, but I am not going to explain those on here! Perhaps readers can work these out for themselves…

Anyway, at this point I will leave you with these images of my favourite statue…

This bronze statue of the Greek god Zeus or Poseidon remains my favourite, ever since I saw it as a student of Ancient History and Archaeology back in 1977. More information and photos can be found on Wikipedia.

Back on Wednesday with the usual Reading Roundup.

Love and best wishes,



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