Outfits of the week 17/06/22

Whew! Yes, we Brits tend to fuss about the weather, rain or shine, snow or wind. Today is very hot here in the English Midlands and I find it very difficult to cope with heat because of my lung and cough issues. So, I am wearing one of the new dresses from Marks and Spencer that I wrote about last week. Later in the afternoon, I am going to try to sit outside in the garden for a while.

I took a quick photo this morning and added in my brightest Hermès scarf, Au Coeur de la Vie, just for a few minutes. That yellow!!! I just love the other colours in the scarf: purple, green, orange, turquoise, and so on. Eventually, I removed the scarf as it is far too hot to wear one and I didn’t want to spoil it with sweat! Anyway, here is the photo:

Outfit of the day 17/06/22 with Hermès’ Au Coeur de la Vie scarf

I will also show you a picture of the full scarf:

Au Coeur de la Vie by Aline Honoré for Hermès
Au Coeur de la Vie by Aline Honoré for Hermès

If you would like more information and photos of this extraordinary scarf, including other colourways, please have a look at the Scarf of the Moment post that I wrote back in 2017.

Right, back to trying to keep cool!

Happy Weekend to you all.

Love and best wishes,



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