Outfits of the week 01/07/22

Welcome to Friday’s post and the final one of the week.

This week I have had two medical appointments to attend, so, for once, I had to get properly dressed! I am suffering from a form of agoraphobia these days and feel very nervous and frightened when I leave the safety of my bedroom, so planning and wearing a nice outfit helps with that a little.

Yesterday, we had to travel to a large hospital and, once parked, had a long walk through the maze of buildings. This was extremely tiring for both of us. This was my chosen outfit:

Outfit of the day 30/06/22

I have made a collage to go with this:

Outfit of the day 30/06/22 – with Liberty of London Aurora scarf

The enamel and gold earrings and bangles are by Halcyon Days; the enamel and rose gold pendant necklace is Ianthe by Liberty of London; the small blue and white scarf (which I tied on the Massaccesi handbag) is Aurora by Liberty of London; and the blue and white kimono jacket is by One Hundred Stars. In the collage above, the colours of the jacket appear much too dull. They are brighter in real life, as you can see in the modelling photo.

I wore these with a simple white cotton vest by Lands’ End and a navy linen mix midi skirt by Isle Collection. Links to all of these sources can be found in the sidebar.

So, today I had another appointment, this time at our local surgery. Here is the outfit:

Outfit of the day 01/07/22

This time I chose a turquoise, teal and navy theme with my Liberty of London chiffon scarf in the lovely Hera pattern. I wore a turquoise t-shirt and navy linen trousers and carried my gorgeous Massaccesi bag in a metallic navy leather. My earrings were in teal, the Halcyon Days bangle was a turquoise enamel giraffe print and my sandals were navy. I think the whole outfit worked well and it was very comfortable.

Here is another collage showing my accessories today:

Outfit of the Day 01/07/22 with Liberty of London Hera chiffon scarf

I actually have two more appointments next week, so I will, once again, distract myself from worrying by planning nice outfits to wear. Now, what colours should I choose and should I wear Hermès scarves this time?

What do you think?

Happy Weekend to you all.

Love and best wishes,



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