Update 22/07/22 with a gorgeous reveal!

OK, I know that Fridays are for Outfit of the Week posts, but it has been such hot and debilitating weather that I haven’t had the strength to get dressed properly, never mind wear a scarf! Instead, I am going to reveal my latest purchase…

Here we go with the famous orange box – yes, I have succumbed to my Hermès addiction again! The following reveal photos will take you through the unboxing, finishing with two images from the Hermès website…

Isn’t this wonderful! As you can see, I have chosen a scarf full of images from Ancient Greek art and mythology. It is a double face (printed on both sides) 90cm silk scarf called Sous le Charme d’Orphee and the designer is one of my favourites: Alice Shirley. The Hermès purchase code is H903702S 05 and the colourway is rouge/rose poudre/bleu gris. Once again, the actual scarf colours are much more beautiful and rich than those in the website images.

I will show you a couple of modelling photos now, but will leave the rest until I have finished the full Scarf of the Moment post about the scarf. That will be uploaded to the blog very soon, all being well. That post will have all of the colourways with lots of, I hope, useful and interesting information. And there are twillies of the design too!

Here are some quick modelling photos. It’s a bit gloomy today, but you can see how it looks:

The photo on the left shows one side of the scarf in an asymmetric knot. On the right is my attempt to showcase both sides. I am not sure what this knot is called, if it even has a name! Now, I will try to take some more photos so that I can finish the Scarf of the Moment post. I am hoping to have it ready by Monday.

Anyway, that’s all for this week. I do hope that you have a great weekend.

Love and best wishes,



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