Outfits of the week 19/08/22

Hi everyone and welcome to Friday’s post! The really hot weather eased off at the beginning of the week, but I have still felt rather uncomfortable on many days. So, I have only one “outfit” for you this week. As we move towards the end of the summer, I am sure that I will be able to get dressed properly on more days. Those gorgeous scarves need to be worn!

Before I show you the photo, I would like to mention that I have removed some pages from the blog. The other week, I had a bit of a moan/rant on here and many of you kindly responded. I had a think and decided on a few things, one of which was that it seemed the right time to move on from my days as a school librarian. So, I have broken the links to the pages about my career and also the section on diet and exercise. All of this is rather irrelevant now. I haven’t completely deleted anything, just in case the information is needed in the future, but it is all hidden for the time being. Thanks again for your input!

One other change has been made. Some of you may have noticed that the menu sections for my scarves has been moved up the right-hand sidebar. Promoted, if you like. I decided that I would like to give the links more prominence. After all, those Scarf of the Moment posts do take a lot of writing!

Right, here is the “outfit” photo that I took yesterday. The scarf is Hermès’ Escales Mediterranéenes, worn with a purple t-shirt and my pyjama trousers! My earrings (that you can just see) are amethyst and silver by Blue Nile and the mother of pearl scarf ring is by MaiTai. Oh, and I forgot to remove my glasses!

Outfit of the day 18/08/22 with Hermès’ Escales Mediterranéenes

As you can see, I felt too weak to take the photo standing up, so here I am sitting up in bed!

Here is an image of the whole scarf. I love the colours, especially the pretty shades of lilac…

Escales Mediterranéenes by Christine Henry for Hermès

I am going to look through my scarf list and decide which ones I consider to be “summer scarves” – because of the colours or the themes – and try to wear them over the next few weeks.

On that lovely thought – rummaging through beautiful, colourful silks – I will sign off and wish you all a very Happy Weekend!

Love and best wishes,



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