Update 22/08/22 with 70th birthday planning

Welcome to the new week on the blog!

For the last few weeks, I have been planning for Lovely Husband’s 70th birthday in September. He doesn’t want a big fuss, but I think that it needs marking properly by his closest family. Younger Son is planning to visit, which is great, and I have asked him to organise and cook a lovely celebratory meal for the four of us. Elder Son can be his “sous chef”. LH has always been the cook in the family and YS has enjoyed learning from his Dad over the years. He is now a proficient cook in his own home. As I am unable to commit to going out for a meal, this seemed like a great alternative.

I have also been planning gifts with my two “boys”. We have clubbed together and bought some gorgeous lead crystal wine glasses. In addition, I have organised some cricket memorabilia and have to get two items framed. Unfortunately, as I cannot drive any longer, I have had to tell LH about some of this, so that he can drive me to the picture framers for quotations! I also had an issue resulting from my stroke and had a bit of a meltdown about all of the planning as I couldn’t manage it all on my own. LH kindly stepped in to help. So, some of the surprises aren’t surprises any longer.

Never mind.

Anyway, here is an image of the wine glass from Royal Scot Crystal:

Westminster large wine glass – Royal Scot Crystal

Isn’t it gorgeous?

I will show you some of the other gifts after LH’s birthday as I have at least managed to keep one as a surprise!

Love and best wishes,



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