Update 29/08/22 with a frustrating day!

Today has been very annoying so far… grrrrrrr! Sorry, I won’t take it out on you, my dear readers, but I am feeling rather grumpy this afternoon.

Elder Son kindly offered to give our (mine and Lovely Husband’s) bedroom a “spring” clean today. I spend so much time in it that it needs a through going over very frequently. Anyway, he had just got started when we heard a loud noise, followed by some very ripe language. It turned out that one of the heavy curtains plus the track had fallen off the window, breaking all of the connectors. Now, this track is very old and had fallen before. But only three of the connectors broke that time and we had exactly three spare ones. On this occasion, the whole thing has come down. Yet another thing to sort out with this house!

I won’t write much more about this, but we are really struggling to find anyone to do minor or major work on the house and we have a lot that needs doing. We have lived here for over twenty years now and we did a major refurb on the whole house ending about ten years ago. It really needs a second refurb now and we are having so many problems with our health issues, Elder Son and other matters that it all feels overwhelming.

Right, now I had better find a lovely image to help me calm down…

From History Defined – Twitter (accessed 11/08/22)

I find it astonishing that something so breathtaking can be carved from stone.

On that note, I will take my leave until Wednesday’s Reading Roundup post.

Love and best wishes,



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