Monday post 16/01/23: hitting the sales!

Welcome to this new week on my blog. Today’s post is about my haul from the January sales. Specifically, the Lands’ End sale. I had saved up some money for this as I needed some particular items. Before I went on the Lands’ End site, I had a good look around my usual places: John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s Tu etc., but I couldn’t find the items I wanted.

Anyway, here they are…

The haul:

  • Two sets of cotton jersey pyjamas: there wasn’t much colour choice left in my size, but I think these are nice. I definitely needed some warm but fairly light weight pyjamas and these are just right. Stretchy cotton jersey was also a must.
  • Slippers: these are the third pair in this style that I have bought over the years. They are suede and have strong soles that you can wear for a quick trip outdoors (between the kitchen and the freezer in the garage in my case). I would have preferred plain navy, but those were sold out and I didn’t like the brown ones!
  • Jumper: this was an unexpected find. On its arrival, I loved the colour and was amazed to see that it is a shade darker than my new pink Hermès scarf, Robe Légère! What luck!

…or would it be too much pink?

Here is the scarf as a reminder:

Robe Légère by Hermès

And this is my attempt to photograph the jumper and the scarf together. Unfortunately, the light in my bedroom made the colours look a bit too warm, but, hopefully, you can see that they go together…

Lands’ End jumper with Hermès’ Robe Légère scarf

Now, I think some lovely flower earrings would be nice with this outfit! What do you think? And what colour should I look for? I would really appreciate your ideas.

Love and best wishes,



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3 Responses to Monday post 16/01/23: hitting the sales!

  1. AKG says:

    Nothing ever wrong with pink. Beautiful scarf. Great Pajamases. (Watch the Pixar shortmovie Boundin’ to confirm regarding pink – only 4 minutes long 😊)


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