Friday post 13/01/23: with a range of scarves!

I almost didn’t post today! We have had a difficult couple of days and I am now exhausted and in pain from pulling a muscle in my side. I won’t go into the background story very much, but will simply say that it involved an unpleasant medical procedure for Lovely Husband, a bad reaction from Elder Son and some unnecessary and painful physical work for me. LH is now recovering well, ES has calmed down and I am sitting up in bed feeling a bit better and trying to write something coherent for today’s post.

This week, I decided to kind of travel from one end to the other through my scarf collection. I rummaged through my cheaper scarves and selected some pretty ones and then went to the other extreme, for contrast. It was a fun exercise to do and really reminded me that all kinds of scarves can lift a basic outfit.

Here they are…

Once again, I wore them with navy clothing, but selected different earrings that toned with each scarf. I don’t have close up photos of the first two, but this is a larger modelling photo and a large image of the third scarf, Liberty of London’s cashmere/silk, 140cm, Hera in a range of blues, pink and mauve:

Outfit of the day 12/01/23 with Liberty of London’s Hera shawl

And this is the shawl in all its glory!

Hera cashmere/silk shawl by Liberty of London

On Monday, I have some sale purchases to show you with some unexpected good luck! Until then, I wish you all a very Happy Weekend.

Love and best wishes,



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