Friday post 20/01/23: with even more scarves!

This has been a rollercoaster kind of week: some terrible, difficult days and some peaceful, quiet days. Lovely Husband and I are quite worn out both physically and emotionally. Some good news is that Younger Son is visiting from next Monday with a view to helping us sort out a lot of household issues. We have hired a skip in readiness!

All of this has exhausted me and I have had to spend a lot of time in bed recovering. I have managed to get dressed on a couple of occasions and these are the scarves that I wore with a navy merino/cashmere v-neck from WoolOvers:

The red velour scarf was a birthday present from my sister in 2020. It is so soft, drapes well and the colours are gorgeous. I also wore the earrings from this set by Pilgrim on both days. They were a present from my Mum, many years ago.

The second scarf is, of course, my new one from Hermès: Robe Légère, tied in a criss-cross knot using a MaiTai enamel scarf ring in gold and navy. I don’t think I need to post a larger image again, do I? Oh, I will anyway…

Robe Légère by Hermès

Yes, I’m in love with this scarf and am enjoying trying out different knots. At the moment, I am working on its Scarf of the Moment post, which I hope to have ready to publish very soon.

With Younger Son visiting next week I may be too busy to write blog posts, or have to keep them short. We will see. Anyway, I do hope that you all have a good weekend, whatever your situation.

Love and best wishes,



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2 Responses to Friday post 20/01/23: with even more scarves!

  1. Suzanne Smith says:

    The pink with the navy is sublime Anne 💞 Best wishes for a good weekend and week ahead!


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