Friday post 10/03/23: with a gorgeous treat!

Hi everyone and welcome to Friday’s post!

Way back in September last year, I received an email from Marco Massaccesi (handbag designer and craftsman extraordinaire) with the following image:

Croco leather offer – Massaccesi

Those leathers! Those colours!

Here were more of the colours:

Gorgeous! I fell for the Pavone colour as it looked like a perfect turquoise that would compliment so many of my outfits. As I already have a handbag in the Croco leather (not real crocodile but stamped calf leather), I knew that it would be lovely.

Anyway, I had to wait a very long time for my bespoke handbag, although this didn’t really bother me because I knew that the result would be stunning. It arrived a couple of weeks ago, right in the middle of the worst of this shingles attack!

Here it is: Selene midi zip in Pavone Croco, with silver hardware and a marine lining:

Well, I suppose your first thought is “turquoise”??? That was mine! Yes, the bag is a pale blue with a hint of grey. Not turquoise at all!

However, as I continued to gaze at the bag, I fell in love with it. The colour compliments so much of my wardrobe and looks gorgeous with my two base colours of navy and grey. Then I also realised that this twilly – Hermès’ Dans un Jardin Anglais – matches it perfectly. They could have been made for each other!

Dans un Jardin Anglais twilly - Hermès
Dans un Jardin Anglais twilly – Hermès

I have enjoyed gazing at this superbly made bag, as it hangs on my wardrobe door, throughout my enforced bed rest. Now I need to get better so that I can venture out of the house and actually carry it!

Perhaps when the snow melts ⛄️ ❄️ ⛄️!

Happy Weekend to you all.

Love and best wishes,



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