Friday post 17/03/23: what I would have worn!

Well, this really isn’t the post that I expected to write today. All week, I have been planning a lovely set of outfits based around a particular cashmere jumper and I had hoped to be strong enough to get out of bed and wear them. Unfortunately, although I am a lot better than last week, I am still not recovered to the extent that I can get dressed properly. Perhaps I will have recovered enough by next week.

Anyway, this is the jumper in question: a purple cashmere crew neck from Pure Collection:

Outfit of the day 18/03/22: with Hermès’ Le Premier Chant
and Pure Collection’s purple jumper

The photo above is from a year ago, almost to the day! In fact I had planned to wear this same scarf, Le Premier Chant, with the lovely jumper this week. Well, it will work next week just fine. Here is an image of the scarf in full:

Le Premier Chant by Hermès

Regular readers may remember that purple is one of my favourite colours and that I have quite a few accessories in shades of the colour. I must try to wear some of them soon – here are a few:

And my amazing and gorgeous Hermès cashmere and silk 140cm shawl, Plumes en Fête, also has plenty of purple elements, so will look great with this jumper:

Plumes en Fête shawl (H243433S 04)

OK, that is as much as I can manage today. I hope that you all have a great weekend!

Love and best wishes,



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