Friday post 31/03/23: sorting out Spring scarves

Hello and welcome to Friday’s post. Back in September, I wrote about sorting out my scarves into two piles: Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. I did just that and put a heap of boxes together so that I could easily choose a scarf suitable for colder weather.

Today, I have done the reverse: I piled up all of the boxes and went through them to check which designs and colourways would best work with brighter days and warm-weather outfits. There are, of course, always a few weeks when it is far too hot to wear scarves, but I am sure I will find moments between now and late September when I can wear some of them.

This first one is an obvious choice: the glorious Dans un Jardin Anglais, designed by Alice Shirley for Hermès. That lilac background!

Dans un Jardin Anglais by Alice Shirley for Hermès
Dans un Jardin Anglais by Alice Shirley for Hermès

These are a selection from my pile of scarves, mainly by Hermès, but also Liberty and Ferragamo. Most are 90cm silk twill, but there are a couple of smaller scarves, 45cm gavroches and 70cm silks, too. These images are all labelled because the sizing is often not accurate. I have also included scarves that can be worn throughout the year, like the Plumes en Fête 90cm in gorgeous blues…

  • Au Pays des Oiseaux Fleurs - Hermès

Depending on the weather, I am sure that I will be wearing my heavier jumpers for a while longer, but I will start the process of checking my clothes meant for warmer, brighter Spring days. I will also have to force myself to get out of bed and put on a nice outfit on more days than I have managed lately. I must try.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to wearing these amazing designs over the next weeks and months.

Happy weekend to you all!

Love and best wishes,



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