Monday post 10/04/23: hanging in there!

Welcome to a new week on my blog. It was Bank Holiday today, so I hope that those of you who had a day off enjoyed the break.

Well, that was not a great weekend for me and my chaps! I wrote about my new hairdo in Friday’s post and mentioned that I was feeling unwell. The illness continued to develop over the weekend with more d&v (sorry!), extreme tiredness and horrible black depressive thoughts. It really was awful and worried Lovely Husband and Elder Son, who were trying to look after me.

I have been feeling slightly better today and am hoping that this mystery illness is coming to an end. Now that I can think a little more clearly, I can remember that I suffered something very similar back in December, just before Christmas. I wonder what it is?

I really need to shake this off and return to my usual levels of managing my health. After all, the Scarf of the Moment post about my latest Hermès scarf, Tulipomanie, needs to be written! I must actually try it on and attempt some lovely scarf ties!

OK, I will cheer myself up by posting some more photos of it in a slideshow…

Aren’t those images lovely?

Love and best wishes,



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2 Responses to Monday post 10/04/23: hanging in there!

  1. Val says:

    Sending positive vibes your way, Anne! Hoping you’ll feel better soon and get back to your usual self. Looking forward to your Scarf of the Moment post! 💕💗💖💗💕


    • The Librain says:

      Dear Val, thank you for your kind and lovely comment. I am feeling a lot better and I hope I am well enough to start on the post tomorrow. I always enjoy writing them, but need to take my time to get the details right!
      Best wishes, Anne x


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