Friday post 12/05/23: health update

Hello everyone! I thought I had better write a post to show that I am still around. This blog hasn’t gone dead yet!

The update is that Lovely Husband and I are still stuck upstairs in our bedroom. It’s pretty amazing that we are still sane – it must be love!

Just to recap: towards the end of April, LH developed severe sciatica in his right leg and had a couple of falls. This made him unable to go downstairs. Regular visitors will be aware that I have a set of long term chronic conditions and also spend most of my time in bed, although I was usually able to go downstairs a couple of times each day. So, for four weeks we have been managing with the help of Elder Son, who has been an absolute star, doing the shopping, basic cooking, tidying etc.

Over the last few weeks, I have been forcing myself to do more and I have managed to get to the point where I can go downstairs much more frequently, do some cooking (although I cannot do anything that will involve strong smells or smoke: frying, grilling, using the oven), organising, housework, and so on. To be quite honest, I am feeling quite pleased about this!

LH has shown some improvement too. After a lot of hassle, we were able to contact the GP who set various things in train. For example, a physiotherapist has sorted out regular sessions with LH and a range of equipment to help him. We have had an extra handrail fitted on the stairs and the physio is going to work on LH trying to go downstairs next week.

We are also thinking about other help we might need, such as employing a cleaner. At first, we thought that we might need health care from professionals, but, since I have become stronger with some effort, perhaps we can manage without that. I suppose it all depends on whether LH can regain his previous standard of health and the ability to drive again.

OK, I think that is enough for now. Unless things change drastically, I will post again next Friday to update you all. As I am spending every day in pyjamas, there is no chance of a Scarf of the Day post at the moment!

Love and best wishes,



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