Outfit of the day 13/01/17

Today ended up as a pyjama day again. I woke up to a light snow covering and my typical morning feeling, but worse than usual. This morning it was the full dizziness, retching and nausea and even a banana didn’t help. I managed my normal breakfast of tea and porridge, but still felt awful.

So, I went back to bed and stayed there all day, apart from a couple of hours downstairs. At least I made good progress with my book and will probably finish it either tonight or tomorrow.

I am sad that I couldn’t go to the library, as I had promised myself, but I asked Younger Son to fetch my book request so that should be OK. I hope I can have a better week soon and actually leave the house for once!

Today’s pyjamas are black with a white ribbon edging, a tie belt and a shawl collar. I bought them years ago from Marks and really love the style. I would like some more in a different colour. The pictures below are quite similar:

  1. Daisy pyjamas in navy from Marks and Spencer.
  2. Silk pyjamas in black from John Lewis.

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