How to tie your scarf plus sale purchases

There are loads of blogs and videos around to help you, but this is a particularly good example:

Hope you find her ideas useful 😀

Eek! Couldn’t resist one more lot of sale purchases. Mind you, Lands’ End seem to have sales virtually all year. The collage below shows some basics that I ordered yesterday evening: beige/khaki chinos (trying to find those elusive trousers in a brown shade), and two t-shirts in coral and aqua plus a white vest. These fit with my wardrobe colours (more on that on Monday) if they are true to the shades on my iPad screen. Well, we will see when they arrive.

Oh, and I am admitting the horrible weight gain by buying these in a larger size than usual 😩 Never mind, hopefully they will serve me well in the spring and summer.

Sale purchases collage Jan 2017

Sale purchases collage Jan 2017

You can never have enough t-shirts – well, that’s what I am saying to myself.

This morning, lovely husband and I caught up on some recorded TV – The Halcyon. This programme looks gorgeous, but is very predictable. OK, though, for de-stressing the brain!

In the afternoon, I did some work on this blog on my laptop – it is OK using the iPad, but fine tuning seems easier on a proper keyboard. I also intend to catch up with my book this evening, if my dear lads keep their music down!

Down the Darkest Road by Tami Hoag

Down the Darkest Road by Tami Hoag

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