Outfit of the day 31/01/17

Today has not been terribly inspiring, really. I have been very weak and tired over the weekend and did not go out of the house. So, things have been very similar today too. I tried to get up this morning and went downstairs, but Lovely Husband quickly sent me back to bed.

My outfit today was a velour lounge suit by Cotton Traders. It is in a deep navy and is very comfortable and comforting when I am feeling low. I also managed to wear some brass dangly earrings and my navy leather Ferragamo bracelet for a bit of bling. LH bought me a fluffy fleece blanket some years ago, so I snuggled down with this for most of the day.

Outfit of the day 31/01/17

Outfit of the day 31/01/17

I read my latest book for a while and ate lunch, kindly made by Younger Son before he went out to work. In the afternoon, LH and I swapped places and he came up to bed for a rest whilst I went down to watch the Silent Witness recordings from last week. I enjoy this show as I really like Emilia Fox and I don’t usually guess the killer until well into the second part – very unusual for me.

I finished “The Glass Rainbow” by James Lee Burke on Saturday. I found this hard to read, not because the writing was poor, far from it, but because my lack of concentration means that I struggle to read descriptive passages, and there are a lot in this book. Burke sets the scenes and culture of the Deep South with such a beautiful touch. Even though I didn’t understand every word, I felt transported into the swamps, levees and bayous, the heat and sweat and damp trickling through the leaves. Wonderful stuff!

Glass Rainbow by James Lee Burke

Glass Rainbow by James Lee Burke

This evening, I will read some more and then write more blog posts, if I am in the mood. My new book is “The Reckoning” by Jane Casey and is the second book in her Maeve Kerrigan series. I am filling in the gaps.

The Reckoning by Jane Casey

The Reckoning by Jane Casey

Such exciting stuff when you have a chronic illness!

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