Outfit of the day 28/02/17

Well, I am back posting properly again – the last three posts had been written in advance and scheduled. WordPress is a great blogging platform. In fact, some of you may remember that I developed a whole school library website, Library Online (sadly now no longer available), using WordPress.

The reason for my absence was a really nasty virus on top of my list of chronic conditions. As it was a coughing virus, you can probably imagine the effect on my overall health. I won’t go into the nasty details, but I will say that my poor sons had to lift me up off the floor several times, clean me up, and put me back in bed. I only managed to go out of the house yesterday after around ten days stuck indoors.

Today, I have been to the hairdresser and to take LH to the doctor (I had to drive him for a change as he was having diabetic retinopathy and they do not recommend driving afterwards). I am now resting in bed writing this post. I won’t show you a photo of my hairdo as it started raining as I walked to the car and now it is too gloomy to take photos using my iPad. Also, although I like the cut and colour, I am not so keen on the blow dry as it is too over the top curly/frizzy even for me. It is my fault, though, as I always tell my hairdresser to use her imagination when she blowdries as I usually wash it out again pretty quickly!

Anyway, today’s outfit breaks all of my colour “rules” as I am wearing black. Yes, the colour that does not suit me any more! My excuse is that I am not a wasteful person and, as I already own a black cashmere jumper and cardigan, I need to wear them occasionally. When they eventually wear out, I will not replace them with the same again in black, but will change to a different colour. As black does not do any favours for my skin these days, I always wear a scarf which does flatter. In this instance my scarf is a large 140×140 cm, silk chiffon beauty by Leonard. It is sooooo soft and snugly and a bit flawed as I bought it second hand. It has a design of feathers in grey, white, black, tan, cream, yellow and turquoise and it drapes wonderfully.

All of today’s outfit:

  • Black cashmere v-neck jumper – Marks and Spencer.
  • Black cashmere and merino v-neck cardigan – Woolovers.
  • Indigo jeans – Klass.
  • Black, brown and leopard print snake skin and gold bangle – Aspinal.
  • Grey crystal stud earrings – Swarovski (these also have dangly crystals which can be attached).
  • Feather scarf in silk chiffon – Leonard.
Outfit of the day 28/02/17 with Leonard feather scarf

Outfit of the day 28/02/17 with Leonard feather scarf

The image below, from the original seller, shows the overall design of the scarf.

Feather scarf by Leonard

Feather scarf by Leonard

Yesterday’s trip out of the house was to the library so that I could pick up some print books. I will post about what I have been reading recently tomorrow.

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