Update 11/05/17

I don’t have much to write about today, really. We all worked together to do some housework this morning, which resulted in a car load of stuff to take to the recycling bank and the charity shops. This tired me out so much that I had to rest for the remainder of the day as I was also suffering from faintness due to the “postural hypotension” that I suffer from regularly.

Alice Shirley design for Hermès Fall 2017 "Into the Canadian Wild"

Alice Shirley design for Hermès Fall 2017 “Into the Canadian Wild”

There is one thing that lovers of Hermès scarves may find interesting. Members of The Purse Forum have already started the “Fall 2017” scarf thread, which is full of excitement and speculation about new scarves for that season. I know that it seems strange when we are only just in the Spring/Summer season, but that, apparently, is how the world of fashion works. I must admit that I get caught up in it all too and look out for new designs with great interest. This thread will run for months, first the rumours and speculation, then the “early birds” modelling the new scarves as they become available, and then weeks of discussion and photos as we all join in with our purchases from the online shops or the boutiques.

I had better start saving up, or “watering my money tree” as they say on tPF!

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4 Responses to Update 11/05/17

  1. Pudfish says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the Fall 2017 scarf thread; I try to stay away but the temptation is too much. That Alice Shirley design looks fab. Xx


    • The Librain says:

      Yes, I like the look of that too. I can’t afford more than a couple of 90cms each season and even those take a lot of saving up! There is no way that I would manage a CSGM unless I won the lottery.


  2. Pudfish says:

    Totally agree about the CSGM and the lottery – same here! And to be honest, I really don’t yearn for one, that format is just too big for me and my lifestyle – would only end up getting it caught in dog’s mouth, under my wellies, torn on hedges etc etc…


    • The Librain says:

      LOL! Think I am too short for a large shawl. Also I would be so twitchy all of the time because of the expense!


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