Outfit of the day 11/07/17

The weather has definitely changed today as we have had light rain and much cooler temperatures. So I have been feeling much better in many ways. Well, much better until an incident this afternoon. More about that in a moment.

I had to go to see one of our medical practice’s nurses about my asthma, so Lovely Husband drove me there. I was in and out in a few minutes as there was not a lot she could do for me except check my inhaler technique and my peak flow. These tests set me off with a slight cough, but I felt OK at the time. My consultant at the hospital is in charge of my multiple conditions and medications, so the asthma check was really just for my GP’s medical records.

After that was over, we went to one of the big garden centres for tea and I was just about to leave LH’s side to go for a wander when a massive coughing attack started. Luckily, there was a comfortable sofa nearby and LH was able to sort me out and then bring me home. I think the earlier testing brought all of this on. Anyway, I had to go to bed and rest when we got home as these attacks virtually knock me out. I feel a bit better now, which is why I have been able to write the post.

Outfit of the day 

I had intended to wear a pretty scarf today, but was pleased that I changed my mind just before we left the house as it rained quite heavily later on and I do try to avoid getting my Hermès scarves wet! Instead of a scarf, I wore this silk necklace in shades of blue, turquoise, purple and pink and I think it looked nice with my vest and cardigan.

Today’s outfit:

  • Frosted lavender cotton mix cardigan – Lands’ End.
  • Fresh lavender cotton vest – Lands’ End. This is the other vest that I bought at the same time as the purple sapphire one that I have shown quite a lot of times.
  • Indigo jeans – Cotton Traders.
  • Navy leather sandals – Suave.
  • Amethyst and gold earrings. Bought from a craft shop near Torquay, they have a lovely botanical design which matches a gold ring that I wear every day on my right hand.
  • Silk necklace – present from my Mum.
  • White leather and gold bracelet – Tory Burch.
Outfit of the day 11/07/17

Outfit of the day 11/07/17

As I now take a selfie almost every morning (eek), here is the scarf I almost wore today with the same outfit. It is Hermès’ Escales Mediterranéenes in lovely shades of lilac which tone in beautifully with the lavender of my clothing.

Escales Mediterranéenes by Hermès

Escales Mediterranéenes by Hermès

Well, that’s enough for today. Now I will start my new book and think about the Reading Roundup post for tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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