Update 25/09/17

I had a rather exciting time with an eBay auction over the weekend. For some time, I have been stalking a rather lovely scarf design called Les Secrets de Minos, by Hermès. As I was a student of Ancient History, I have been trying to start a collection of H scarves with either Ancient Greek, Egyptian or Roman motifs. I have three so far which fit with this: my first H purchase, La Promenade de Platon, then Escales Mediterranéenes and Mare Nostrum.

Having followed the knowledgeable members of the Purse Forum for a few years, I have discovered that there are several other scarves which I would be thrilled to own. As I am far from wealthy, however, I will have to take my time in acquiring them. Also, these designs are not common, especially in the colourways that I like.

Les Secrets de Minos by Hermès

Les Secrets de Minos by Hermès

So you can imagine how excited I was to see Les Secrets de Minos available on eBay in a lovely colourway. I had to wait a week until the end of the auction and then was gutted when I lost out in the last few seconds to another bidder. Anyway, I won’t go into all of the details but it has all turned out fine in the end and the scarf is heading my way via post!

When it arrives, I will photograph it and write a Scarf of the Moment post as soon as I have researched enough information. If anyone has any more details, such as the design story, please let me know as I would be so grateful for more background on this lovely scarf.

I am hoping to be well enough to go to the hairdresser tomorrow as I am in dire need!

Best wishes,


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