Outfit of the day 07/11/17 and hair!

I felt so nervous this morning as I got dressed for the day and I am not really sure why. It was only a visit to the hairdresser, after all!

So this was today’s outfit:

  • Bright teal, cotton mix, short-sleeved top – Lands’ End.
  • Bright teal, cotton mix cardigan – Lands’ End.
  • Navy cotton joggers – Cotton Traders.
  • Tiny gold knot earrings.
  • Aqua glass and copper wire bracelet.
  • Silk scarf, gavroche size, in navy, turquoise and lilac – Bateau Fleuri – Hermès.

As you can see, I took my selfie before we left the house this morning.

Outfit of the day 07/11/17 with Hermès' Bateau Fleuri gavroche

Outfit of the day 07/11/17 with Hermès’ Bateau Fleuri gavroche

And here are the before and after photos:

Before and after the hairdresser!

Before and after the hairdresser!

Yes, I had a lot chopped off the sides and back and I decided to go back to having a wispy fringe. Bear in mind that I only have about half an inch of grey hair coming through, so you can’t really see it as yet, also it will look a lot different when I wash it for myself. I don’t have the energy to blow dry my own hair so I tend to wash and go! I took this photo when I got back home in the afternoon, having had to stand outside in a strong breeze and a light drizzle waiting for Lovely Husband to pick me up in the car.

Anyway, I then decided to put some makeup on to see what I would look like a bit more “dolled up”:

New hairdo and makeup!

New hairdo and makeup!

I think I like this photo taken whilst I am still “only” 60!

Birthday tomorrow 😄🎂🎉

Best wishes,


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2 Responses to Outfit of the day 07/11/17 and hair!

  1. Julie says:

    I love your new hairstyle. I think it really suits you.


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