Outfit of the day 17/11/17

I had yet another hospital appointment today, this time in the centre of the city, with my osteoporosis consultant. Because I have to take steroids, I now have the lovely side-effect of bone crumbling! Anyway, I see this chap once a year or so and we make a decision whether I need to take strong drugs that may help or may make things worse. Apparently more research is needed in this area, as the drugs can either strengthen the bones, so they don’t break too easily, or they can overdo things, so that the bones do break too easily.

Or something like that…it is all very confusing.

I asked him if there is anything I can do myself to help my bones (within my limitations and thinking that he would say I need to take more exercise). His answer was…

”Don’t fall over.”


So, I planned today’s outfit to cope with the cold outdoors and the inevitable overheated hospital. The only answer to that is to wear layers, of course, except that the hospital was sooo hot and stifling that I almost had to strip down to my camisole!

Today’s outfit:

  • Black cashmere v-neck jumper -Marks and Spencer.
  • Black cashmere and merino v-neck cardigan – WoolOvers.
  • Indigo jeans – Klass.
  • Cream enamel, gold and crystal earrings – Halcyon Days.
  • Animal print and gold bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Modal scarf in animal print – Halcyon Days.
Outfit of the day 17/11/17 with Halcyon Days’ animal print scarf

Outfit of the day 17/11/17 with Halcyon Days’ animal print scarf

I wrote yesterday that I was rather fed up with my favourite cashmere clothing having moth holes, whilst the ones I don’t like so much seem to have escaped. Well, I was wrong about that. When I got home from the hospital and changed, I held this black cardigan up to the light and, guess what, there are at least four places where the little beggars have been feasting! Aargh! More moth repellent is needed in the wardrobe again and I won’t replace the cardigan.

Here’s hoping that all of you lovely readers have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,


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