Update and Christmas present reveal 04/01/18

I was hoping to post an Outfit of the Day today, but I have been suffering with a virus on top of everything else, so am in bed for the day. So, I will show you all one of my Christmas presents instead.

Christmas was pretty hard this year. Elder Son struggles with his autism when special events are iminent and this time he had been fine on the run up to Christmas, which is unusual for him. Unfortunately, he stored it all up for the day itself and we had a particularly unpleasant time of it! I won’t say more as that would be unfair. Let’s just say that I am glad that we are now in a new year and can start over.

As usual, I bought myself something nice for Christmas – this lovely scarf by Aspinal of London. I have a thing about owls going right back to when Younger Son was a baby. He had a cute top with an owl on it and I had a photo of him wearing it on the wall next to my bed. He also loves seeing birds of prey and I have another pic of him holding an owl from when he was in his teens.

Anyway, here is the image from the Aspinal website – Owl in the City in navy and cobalt blue:

Owl in the City silk scarf by Aspinal of London

Owl in the City silk scarf by Aspinal of London

I really love the design as an image. The owls are shown with silhouettes of the London skyline on one side and the countryside on the other. One corner is particularly cute with images of fieldmice. There is one massive issue, however. Now that I have worn quite a few Hermès scarves, I can see how their designers not only make their scarves into gorgeous pictures that you could easily hang on a wall, but also carefully think through how the scarf will look when tied in a variety of ways. Some, of course, are more successful than others, but most H scarves look wonderful when worn.

In the case of this Aspinal scarf, it is really hard to get the owls into view when tied. Most of my attempts showed acres of dark blue but none of the pretty pearly feathers and the lovely spread wings. Thinking about this with my artistic brain, if I had designed this, I might have tried to put the owls into the corners of the scarf somehow. It would certainly have worked better then with so many of the bias fold ties.

Well, I am not a designer and what do I know!

I still love the scarf and it goes with so many of my navy and other shades of blue clothes, so I am sure that I will wear it a lot. Here is my attempt to style it for the first time:

Owl in the City silk scarf by Aspinal of London

Owl in the City silk scarf by Aspinal of London

I used the cowboy cowl knot which brought parts of the wings to the fore and then tucked the triangular part into my v-neck jumper to highlight the mice! Unfortunately the Aspinal logo is also in that corner, so I was able to hide it this way.

Here is a close-up:

Owl in the City silk scarf by Aspinal of London

Owl in the City silk scarf by Aspinal of London

And this is a collage of the whole outfit:

Outfit with Owl in the City silk scarf by Aspinal of London

Outfit with Owl in the City silk scarf by Aspinal of London

Outfit details:

  • Navy cashmere v-neck jumper – John Lewis.
  • Navy velour pants – Cotton Traders.
  • Cobalt, copper and silver stud earrings.
  • Blue and cream enamel with crystals and gold Owl bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Cream enamel and gold Byzantine bangle – Halcyon Days.

I am planning to show you another of my presents tomorrow, all being well.

Best wishes,


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