Outfit of the day 15/01/18

We had a very peaceful weekend, thank goodness. Well, peaceful apart from Lovely Husband’s customary “music night” on Sunday evening. Every week he plays three rock music CDs all the way through until around 22.30. The neighbours are very good about it, which is just as well. Last night it was the turn of The Sex Pistols then Siouxsie and the Banshees (not keen at all even though I dressed the part in the late 70s), followed by Mansun’s Attack of the Grey Lantern, which I love. I think he played the last one for my benefit as my bedroom is directly above his sound system. Anyway, here is a taster:

I woke up determined to wear some of my lovely accessories today (and then was seduced by the Ferragamo sale, but more about that on another day). Even if I only wore joggers on the bottom half, the top part was quite nice!

Today’s outfit:

  • Navy wool jumper – WoolOvers.
  • Navy cotton v-neck base layer – Sainsbury’s.
  • Navy cotton joggers – Cotton Traders.
  • Grey crystal and gold earrings – Swarovski.
  • Iris blue leather and pale gold Vara Bow bracelet – Ferragamo.
  • Navy, blue, grey and white silk scarf – Owl in the City – Aspinal of London. Tied casually using a MaiTai horn shawl ring.
Outfit of the day 15/01/18 with Aspinal’s Owl in the City scarf

Outfit of the day 15/01/18 with Aspinal’s Owl in the City scarf

There has been a fantastic week on The Purse Forum with the Scarf of the Day 2018 thread showcasing ways of tying scarves using a variety of scarf rings. It is well worth looking at for ideas – there are over 40 pages of wonderful modelling photos and comments on this topic alone!

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