Update and reveal 16/01/18

Ooh, I will show you my new purchase from Hermès’ Spring/Summer 2018 Collection which is now available online and in the boutiques. As always, not all designs and colourways will be there – Hermès is extremely quirky when it comes to actually providing its fans with the goods when they actually want them!

So, here goes…

First the famous orange box with its ribbon…

Then the untying of the ribbon…

Opening the box to lift open the acid-free paper and give you a glimpse…

The paper is right out of the way. Ah, that gorgeous rolled hem…

The carré folded…

The picture from the Hermès website (remember the colours are never true for copyright reasons)…

My first scarf tie this morning. See how rich the colours look in comparison with the image above?

Jaguar Quetzal 90cm silk scarf by Hermès in a cowboy cowl knot

Jaguar Quetzal 90cm silk scarf by Hermès in a cowboy cowl knot

Yes, this is the Jaguar Quetzal 90cm silk scarf, colourway #11, by Alice Shirley for Hermès. I love her designs and now own most of them. On first viewing, I was drawn to the blue colourways, but eventually chose this lovely version in purple shades. As my grey hair grows out, I am planning how I might have to change some of the emphasis in my wardrobe. A few of my brown or beige items may not look good with greys. I think that this new scarf will be just right and, when I write the Scarf of the Moment post in a week or two, I will show you the clothes and accessories which will really work beautifully with it.

What do you think of it?

Best wishes,


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