Outfit of the day 18/01/18

We had such a windy night here in the English Midlands. Lovely Husband and I woke up in the early hours and really struggled to get back to sleep. He gave up and went downstairs at 5.00; I was more fortunate and managed to get back to sleep and only roused close to midday!

Luckily we only had very minor damage to a few items that had been left outside, so we are fine. Other people have not been so fortunate with the weather and I hope any issues are sorted out quickly.

My condition is not improving so, yet again, I have been in bed for most of the day. In between reading, I am watching the current series of Silent Witness via the BBC iPlayer on my iPad. LH doesn’t like this programme, so I am happy to watch it on my own. The evenings will be pretty quiet and peaceful for a few days as Elder Son is away and so won’t be playing his rather repetitive music! I will miss him hugely of course.

Here is today’s outfit:

  • Navy wool boxy jumper – WoolOvers.
  • Navy cotton v-neck base layer – Sainsbury’s.
  • Navy cotton joggers – Cotton Traders.
  • Blue crystal and silver earrings – Sonrisa Boutique.
  • Indian Blue leather and pale gold wrap bracelet – Ferragamo.
  • Blue, white and grey silk scarf – Hera – Liberty of London.
Outfit of the day with Liberty’s Hera scarf

Outfit of the day with Liberty’s Hera scarf

You can see here how much I love blue! 💙

Best wishes,


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