Update 29/01/18

I am sorry that I cannot post coherently today. I have been very ill both mentally and physically over the weekend. In addition, Lovely Husband and I have been trying to fill in a long (40 pages) official form about Elder Son and I have had to come back to bed with exhaustion. I also feel so upset that the whole thing, which has taken us hours of work so far, will almost probably be a total waste of time. As we fill in the boxes and type our supporting notes, the process of thinking through the answers triggers horrible feelings about our son and his issues. Having to write out the worst case scenarios for strangers to read is devastating.

So, I am back in bed trying not to cry.

Just adding this here to cheer myself up…

Cypress suede and pale gold wrap bracelet - Ferragamo

Cypress suede and pale gold wrap bracelet – Ferragamo

…more about this soon 😍💖😍.

I hope to be able to post something more meaningful tomorrow, although I also have a hospital appointment. We shall see.

Best wishes,


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