Update 01/02/18

Here is the first post for February! I am feeling a little more relaxed today. Lovely Husband and I have been very busy this week filling in a vital form for Elder Son and we managed to finish it and post it off on time yesterday. We are both very relieved as it has been so difficult to do, even for people like us who are former education professionals. How on earth people who are learning disabled are supposed to manage this form, I have no idea. I wrote over 4000 words in support of the claim, so that was pretty taxing. The sad thing is that it is very unlikely that Elder Son will be successful. Well, we will have to face that when, or if, it happens.

I was also very busy this afternoon updating the Scarf of the Moment post about Parures de Samouraï to include the new cashmere/silk colourways and change to the structure of more recent posts. This will be fully finished tomorrow and I will write about it in more detail then.

Today’s outfit was very casual, so I haven’t made a collage, but it did go nicely with my new Ferragamo bracelet, which I gave you a sneak peek of the other day. The teal ombré scarf was almost an exact match! Here is a photo of my outfit:

Outfit of the day 01/02/18

Outfit of the day 01/02/18

I have written before that I always have a quick look at the Ferragamo sales online. This year, I found two of the pretty Vara Bow leather bracelets that I love. One was in a lovely mauve and the other in a gorgeous teal. I couldn’t afford both of them, so had such a dilemma! In the end I went for the teal, called “Cypress” by Ferragamo and it arrived last week. As it turned out, the bracelet was in suede and pale gold, so that was a bit unexpected. The colour and texture are both wonderful and will fit so well into my wardrobe. I am so sad about the mauve, though, as it would have been fabulous worn with my new H Jaguar Quetzal in shades of mauve and violet. Maybe another one will turn up, but the sale is now over…

Cypress suede and pale gold wrap bracelet - Ferragamo

Cypress suede and pale gold wrap bracelet – Ferragamo

Well, that’s enough blogging for now!

Best wishes,


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