Update 08/02/18 and humongous coughing attack

Last night, just after I had fallen asleep, I had one of the worst coughing attacks so far in my decade of chronic cough.

(If this is TMI stop reading here)

I woke up with a horrible dry constricting feeling in my throat and started coughing immediately. I tried to control it for a few minutes, but without success. Usually, I can tell if the attack is going to develop and I knew that this one was in that category. So I kind of fell out of bed, grabbing my inhaler and sick bucket, and dashed into the bathroom. These very worst of the worst attacks feel as if my whole nasal system is blocked with mucus, so I am forced to try to breathe through my mouth. Then my vocal cords constrict and almost close, so I cannot get much air that way either. I have worked out that the only way to breathe is to blow the mucus out of my nose and cough it up out of my lungs at the same time, whilst trying not to gasp air through my sore vocal cords. Simultaneously with this, I lose control of other bodily functions (which is why I have to sit on the loo). Again, all at the same time, I have to try to think through my actions to attempt to gain some sort of control, whilst my brain is shutting down with lack of oxygen and total fear. Oh, and sometimes try to get the attention of my chaps if I have forgotten something vital, although there is usually very little that they can do to help. Each time the worst of the spasms ease, I hope that this session has come to an end, but then it starts up again. The cycle often carries on for ten to fifteen minutes, but it feels like a lifetime when I am in the middle of it all. And my poor chaps have to lie there listening to me, worrying themselves sick.

When it all finally comes to an end, I stagger back to bed and fall down on the mattress shaking with the aftershock, which can last for hours sometimes. Last night it took me ages to fall asleep again as I was so frightened of a recurring attack. Today I am exhausted.

(Resume reading)

But I am OK!

So that is why I am showing you yesterday’s outfit rather than what I am wearing today (jumper over pyjamas):

  • Navy wool boxy jumper – WoolOvers.
  • Navy cotton roll-neck base layer – Isle Clothing.
  • Navy cotton joggers – Cotton Traders.
  • Multi-coloured earrings.
  • Navy enamel and gold bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Silk scarf, 90cm, in green, gold, navy, silver and pink – Daimyo Princes du Soleil Levant – Hermès. Bias fold, then twisted a couple of times and tied casually.
Outfit of the day 08/02/18 with Hermès’ Daimyo Princes du Soleil Levant scarf

Outfit of the day 08/02/18 with Hermès’ Daimyo Princes du Soleil Levant scarf

To cheer myself and everyone else up, I am going to post a tiny hint…

…say no more!

Here’s hoping for some cough-free days…

Best wishes,


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3 Responses to Update 08/02/18 and humongous coughing attack

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Can you get an oxygen cylinder so that at least you maximise your intake that way?


    • The Librain says:

      No-one has ever suggested that to me, Elizabeth, but I might bring it up with the Consultant next time I see him. Thanks for the idea.


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