Update 16/08/21

Over the weekend I came to the decision that I really should make a huge effort to shake myself out of this current malaise. I am spending most of every day in bed feeling sorry for myself. OK, I keep myself entertained with reading, web surfing and TV watching (and spending too much money on frivolity) and I am not being miserable and gloomy with loved ones, but, generally speaking, I am in a pit.

So, I began to make a plan for gentle exercise and more involvement in household activities. I felt really upbeat and positive.

BUT, since then I have had coughing attack after coughing attack and all I could do was stay in bed recovering before the next one! So, what can I do? I am too frightened of starting off another bout. What would I do if a cough started and I was out on a walk?

Just in case readers don’t understand how severe and frightening one of my coughs can be, there is a full description here and at the start of this post.

Right, I will now try to push away the feelings of gloom and doom by looking and pictures of cute furry animals…

… like these:

Ahhh! That’s better!

Love and best wishes,



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2 Responses to Update 16/08/21

  1. Helena says:

    Hi Anne, my husband has a medical practice and I think he might be able to help you with your cough. Feel free to email me and I’ll send you his clinic info. We live in the US.
    On a more frivolous note, I stopped by Hermes duty free in London yesterday. A lovely SA helped me and I had so much looking at scarves with her. I showed her a photo of my shelf w Hermes scarves at home and she said it looked like their boutique!! I have them all labeled.
    I couldn’t find the Lazy Leopardesses scarf. They didn’t get the new fall 2021 merchandise yet. I was also disappointed that they don’t have ‘duty free’ prices any more!! But in San Francisco duty free I scored! I found last season’s Cosmographia Universalis 90 in the color I wanted, blue, pink with a white border. I love that scarf and already have it in orange-navy-yellow and another in blue and white. This third one I saw recently online, listed by a private seller and priced very high so I was very happy to find it in the duty free. They were also closed during Covid and have last year’s merchandise.
    I enjoy your post. Hope the cough goes away soon and you have more energy for books and scarves 😉


    • The Librain says:

      Dear Helena, thank you for your lovely post. Your scarf collection sounds amazing! I wish I could visit some of the boutiques, but sadly I haven’t been able to travel for years. Thank you for the suggestion of contacting your husband. Fortunately, I have excellent doctors here in the UK and they have done their utmost to help me. It is just that I have a multitude of health issues!

      Happy scarf hunting and best wishes, Anne x


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