Outfit of the day 12/02/18

It has been really cold over the last few days and we had a sprinkling of snow overnight, although it has almost all melted away now. I have been struggling with illness all weekend, but did manage to get to the local hospital on Friday for a blood test and the Library to drop a couple of books back. One of them has a long waiting list, so I read it as fast as I could so that I could return it quickly.

As I have been in bed most of the day again, I don’t have much more to say except that there will be a nice reveal tomorrow!

Today’s outfit:

  • Bright navy cotton mix short sleeved top – Lands’ End.
  • Bright navy cotton mix cardigan – Lands’ End.
  • Indigo jeans – Cotton Traders.
  • Gold knot earrings.
  • Oxford Blue leather and rose gold wrap bracelet – Ferragamo.
  • Silk scarf, 90cm, in navy, blues, browns and green – Cornelia James.
Outfit of the day 12/02/18 with Cornelia James scarf

Outfit of the day 12/02/18 with Cornelia James scarf

The scarf has a design of belts and gold chains against a pale blue background. The border is dark navy and there is a central square in leopard print. The maker is Cornelia James, which is better known for beautiful gloves. I used a bias fold for the scarf, wrapped it around my neck twice and then used a MaiTai horn scarf ring to hold it in place.

Tomorrow is Elder Son’s Birthday 🎁, so I hope that he comes home from work today in a good mood. Special days and events are often difficult for him as he likes routine, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we all have a pleasant day tomorrow!

Best wishes,


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