Update 13/02/18 and reveal!

It is Elder Son’s Birthday today – 28 – I cannot believe it! Time goes so fast and seems to speed up as you get older. He came into the bedroom this morning for a hug and I croaked Happy Birthday at him (I can’t sing properly any more because of the problems with my vocal cords). He has happily gone out with a friend for the day and I don’t suppose we will see him until late this evening. It is so amazing how independent he now is; anyone who knew him as a child would be shocked as he was so clingy to me for years.

Anyway, I have a reveal for you today. You may remember that Lovely Husband had a fit just after I bought the Hermès Jaguar Quetzal scarf. Basically, he totted up roughly what my small H scarf collection is worth and nearly fainted! People like us simply don’t “invest” that much money in “mere” accessories. My point of view is that I have a monthly allowance that is mine to spend how I wish. When I was still at work, the money went on a wide range of things, including meals and drinks out with friends, visits to the theatre or cinema, books, makeup, clothes etc. Now that I am retired and hardly ever go out, why shouldn’t I continue to spend my own cash on things that make me happy?

I kind of lost the argument, but then kind of won it again 😂.

One of my pastimes is wandering around eBay and reseller sites simply looking at the scarves on offer, not only Hermès but also those made by Liberty and others. I don’t really have a wish list of famous grail scarves in mind, but do have a kind of idea of what might interest me. I have often mentioned my love for the art and motifs from the Ancient World and this is what informs my search.

So, I was very excited when I saw a certain scarf on the Rennies website (link in the sidebar). Paul and Karen Rennie have a shop in Folkestone, Kent, and their website offers a range of scarves (H and others), handbags and other interesting vintage items. I mentioned the scarf to Lovely Husband, fully expecting a negative response. So, I was thrilled when he said that he would buy it for me in celebration of our wedding anniversary! It will be 30 years in April!

After a lovely email correspondence, this scarf found its way to me.

So, here goes…

First the famous orange box…

Opening the box to view the scarf carefully wrapped by Rennies…

The Rennies sticker in closeup…

The paper is right out of the way. Ah, what lovely colours… That red…

The carré folded…

The picture from the Rennies website…

The full scarf…

My first attempt at wearing it (the light was fading, but you can see how it ties)…

Persepolis by Hermès in an asymmetric wrap

Persepolis by Hermès in an asymmetric wrap

Yes, this is Persepolis and this colourway is quite a departure for me. I don’t have any Hermès scarves in red and so this could be said to fill in a gap. It also rather breaks my wardrobe colourwheel. I bought it, however, because I didn’t think I would find another Persepolis at this price, in this perfect condition and in such gorgeous colours. In fact, it will fit into my wardrobe very well indeed because, as well as the beautiful red, the scarf also has shades of teal, blue and purple, which are on my colourwheel, as well as orange and yellow. I think the scarf will be fine with grey hair, although I will need to find a matching red lipstick. Any ideas?

I will write a Scarf of the Moment profile post at a later date, when I have had time to try out different scarf ties and wear it with a range of colours.

Best wishes,


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