Update 22/02/18

I have a little something to share with you today. Whilst wandering around on eBay, as you do, I came across some lovely vintage jewellery sellers. As I love bling so much (I am not one for restrained, neat, minimalist things), I looked through some listings of Swarovski and other crystal items and found this lovely brooch. I also made a massive wishlist with loads of gorgeous earrings on it. As I have decided to keep my hair short, I think that I might add to my earring collection as I have had most of the existing items for donkey’s years and I am getting rather bored with them.

Anyway, here is the brooch…

Crystal and gold plate brooch

Crystal and gold plate brooch

Lovely, isn’t it? I like the Art Deco feel. It has aquamarine and sapphire blue crystals set into gold plate and is around 3/4 by 2 1/2 inches in size. I bought it to wear with my Lands’ End merino wool dresses in navy and cobalt…

Navy and cobalt merino wool knitted dresses - Lands’ End

Navy and cobalt merino wool knitted dresses – Lands’ End

I have been wearing some old brooches on the collar of these dresses and I thought that this one would work well. When I try it out I will take a photo and upload it to a blog post.

Best wishes,


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