Outfit of the day 23/02/18

Today, it is about five months since I last had my hair dyed. I now have about three inches of grey growth and feel much nearer my goal. As I missed my last hair appointment, due to illness, my hair is getting rather too long and unruly, but I have decided to ignore that. I hardly ever leave the house and really my hair doesn’t look too bad, so I have decided to let it grow for another month and then have all of the dyed parts cut right out. I will ask the hairdresser for her opinion and if that would leave me with a scalped look, then I will have her leave a little of the brown hair. But I am hoping I can get rid of it all by the end of March.

I was planning to go to the library today to choose my next huge pile of books, but there were jobs to do in the house and, when I had finished them, I was too tired to go out. Thank goodness that I have plenty of ebooks to read!

Anyway, here is today’s outfit:

  • Navy wool boxy jumper – WoolOvers.
  • Navy cotton roll-neck base layer – Isle Clothing.
  • Navy cotton joggers – Cotton Traders.
  • Peach enamel and gold tone flower earrings – Pilgrim.
  • Silk scarf, 90cm, in pale lavender, peach, brown and sepia – Mare Nostrum – Hermès. Casual knot based on a bias fold.
Outfit of the day 23/02/18 with Hermès’ Mare Nostrum scarf

Outfit of the day 23/02/18 with Hermès’ Mare Nostrum scarf

This is one of the scarves that I am not sure will go with grey hair. I am hoping that the lavender border will work. I love the design of the scarf and was so pleased to find it in such a fantastic condition for the price.

This Winter seems to have been much colder than last year’s in this part of the UK. It has really brought to my attention that I need to get a couple more thicker woolly jumpers, for the days when my cashmere collection is simply not quite warm enough. This navy one is getting very matted and pilled, so I may replace it, and my purple one pilled badly from the beginning. I will write myself a reminder using Evernote for future reference.

Anyway, I hope that all my readers have a great weekend.

Best wishes,


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