Update 08/03/18 and a jewellery reveal

I need to uplift my mood today as we are again suffering from “muck spreading mode” from a certain member of the family.

Anyway, you may remember this from the other week…

Crystal and gold plate brooch

Crystal and gold plate brooch

… a lovely Art Deco style brooch that I found on eBay. It is gold plate with crystals in a lovely sapphire blue (also called Montana blue) and aquamarine. I am not sure of its age and I will check that with the vendor. At any rate it is vintage but previously unworn.

Anyway, what about…

Crystal and gold plate earrings

Crystal and gold plate earrings

Well, you see when I bought the brooch, it became apparent that it was part of a set of jewellery, also known as a parure. I simply couldn’t bear to break the set up and so bought the rest.

Here you are…

Crystal and gold plate parure

Crystal and gold plate parure

Yes, you can believe your eyes! As well as the brooch there are earrings, a bracelet and a necklace. The vendor has been brilliant and made some adjustments for me and so I bought the lot. Now, I am not being mean but I also have a load of other things from this seller on my wishlist and so I am not going to put the link on here at the moment. I will do, however, in the future as she deserves to have the publicity, even from my small blog.

I am chuffed to bits to get a gorgeous and wearable set like this for such good value. I can see myself wearing the earrings and bracelet together regularly as they go with so many of my clothes. The quality of the finish is very high, with only one tiny fault that I can see so far.

Tomorrow, all being well, I will be republishing the Scarf of the Moment post about Hermès’ Le Jardin de la Maharani. I have been working on it all week, adding in new colourways and fresh information, and hope that readers find it useful.

Best wishes,


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