Update 26/03/18

Well, I have not done that before! Gone a whole week without posting on this blog. Today’s post is a quick catchup about my situation as I still cannot write very much. I really hope that things can get back to “normal” as soon as possible.

Last Monday I woke up feeling reasonably OK, but developed a horribly painful bout of acid reflux. To summarise the whole story, I ended up being unable to keep anything in my stomach. Not even water or tea and certainly not my medications. My whole body had a massive clear out, as you might say, without being too disgusting! I became more and more poorly throughout the rest of the day and then had a terrible night with constant nightmares and weird dreams. Tuesday: I was so weak that I had to crawl to the bathroom and back to bed and had to force myself to try sips of water and tiny bits of food.

Since then, I have improved very, very slowly but even now, a week later, I am still terribly weak. I did manage to get downstairs for a short while on a couple of days, but have stayed in bed for most of the time, mainly watching TV series on Amazon Prime: Vikings and Outlander so far!

Beautiful costumes on Outlander series 1

Beautiful costumes on Outlander series 1

You can tell how ill I have been because I have been unable to read very much and have totally lost interest in what I am wearing! I had a hair appointment for last Tuesday, but was unable to go, so my hair looks dreadful and in dire need of a cut. I cannot even begin to think about scarves and other accessories and have simply slobbed around in old pyjamas topped with an ancient pullover.

Anyway, this just puts you all in the picture. I hope that I can regain some more strength and an interest in the outside world. My brain feels so dull and I cannot concentrate for long.

I will try to blog more positively tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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