Update 21/05/18

Just a couple of links, as things are more than a bit fraught here today.

The Purse Forum (link in the sidebar) is a source of a lot of interesting information. There was a thread that developed into discussing the massive range of colours used by Hermès for its iconic scarves and the link below was posted. I thought that it might be of interest to readers of this blog. This is an article on the System Magazine website called:

We literally cook up the colors in a big pot: Bali Barret takes us inside the Hermès colour kitchen“ by Thomas Lenthal, photographs by Antoine Seiter.

Spontaneous Geraniums scarf by Louise Gardiner

Spontaneous Geraniums scarf by Louise Gardiner

I also wanted to mention this scarf designer, who I found on one of my serendipitous wanderings around the web. Louise Gardiner’s scarves are based on her hand-made embroideries. They do look lovely, although I haven’t seen one in “real life” yet. Notice the  “yet”!!

Sea Blue scarf by Kirsteen Stewart

Sea Blue scarf by Kirsteen Stewart

A friend from Orkney told me about this, local to her, designer, Kirsteen Stewart, who makes gorgeous clothes, bags and scarves based on the Orcadian landscape and island life. The colours and graphics are amazing.

I am hoping that a long awaited event will be able to take place tomorrow – watch this space!

Best wishes,


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