Outfit of the day 29/05/18

I am having another very “droopy” day. The humidity is getting to me and I don’t feel at all well. I did try to go downstairs for a while, but Lovely Husband saw my pale face and sent me back to bed very quickly.

After the last couple of weeks spent wearing purples or bright blue, I have decided that pink should have a turn. My main pink shade is coral, but I do have this nice silk and cotton top and cardigan in cerise from WoolOvers, which I have had for ages. Anyway, I thought that the colour might brighten me up a bit! The scarf is a very cheap silk stole with a pretty floral pattern from Accessorize and the earrings are my Halcyon Days cream and gold Agama drops.

Outfit of the day 29/05/18

Outfit of the day 29/05/18

I did manage to complete a few useful tasks this afternoon, although one was rather frustrating. Our printer is a mess and, after I had spent ages trying to clean the print heads, I decided that it is finally time to give up and get a new one. Younger Son is now starting the process of looking for a new job and will need a decent print quality for applications and his CV.

Reading Roundup post tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Outfit of the day 29/05/18

  1. Kim says:

    I love you in pink- gives you such a beautiful rosy glow and brightness!


  2. Jan says:

    Check out the range with refillable inks. It was not until we got our Epson home that I realised what mediocre output we had been accepting for years. Almost all brands have a refillable model now and there are plenty to choose from.


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